Kochi Beach Travel Information

Kochi Beach is located in Kerala, South India. This beach is popularly known as the Fort Kochi beach. It is the finest beach of Kerala. In South India, it is one of the most popularly visited beach tour destination. This is a peaceful beach holiday spot. This popular beach is located at a distance of 12 kms from the main city in Kerala.

For those tourists who are interested in a quiet and relaxing experience of the holiday, for those tourists this place is an ideal. This beach offers the tourist a calm and tranquil atmosphere. Initially Kochi was a simple fishing village, but after the establishment of the beach, it became a popular beach resort of Kerala, South India.

This Kochi Beach in Kerala, South India celebrates the grand Cochin beach festival which takes place annually during New Years Eve. This festival attracts tourists from all over India. This beach offers a disturbance free atmosphere to the tourists and a perfect sandy stretches for a long walk. There is a strong influence of the European on the culture and traditions of the local people and this is observed by the tourists automatically.

Kochi has a colorful and an eventful history. It was an outdated fishing village which became the first European township in India. Initially the town was shaped by the Portuguese, after than Dutch and later the British. We can see the result of these cultural interfaces in the remains of the Indo-European architecture.

Attractions in Fort Kochi Beach

Kochi Festival – During the annual Kochi Festival, tourists from all over India flock to the place to witness the popularity of the festival. One must grab the opportunity of enjoying the carnival at the New Years eve. It will be an amazing lifelong experience.

Activities to enjoy at Fort Kochi Beach – While walking on the beach of Kochi, you can see the fisherman busy in their daily activities with Chinese Fishing Nets. People also enjoy in building the sand castles and playing with sportive waves. This beach is the combination of culture and history. The people residing in the nearby area enjoy spending their weekends here.