Chennai Beaches Travel Information

The charming beaches in Chennai are the best place for the tourists to relax from the hot and humid weather. It is the fourth largest metropolis of India. Chennai beaches are famous in the world for their natural outlook. All the beaches in Chennai are bounded by groves, which looks beautiful.

Beaches in Chennai are having their own importance. They share their boundary with Bay of Bengal. Tourists ranging from the local public to the national and international tourists are interested in visiting Chennai. If you want to see the spirit of fisherman, then it is better to visit the beaches of Chennai early in the morning when they go out for fishing. People really enjoy and relax by visiting these beaches of Chennai.

Though there are many beaches in Chennai but three of them are the prominent beaches.

Marina: It is the world’s second largest beach. This lies on the eastern coast of Tamil Nadu. The sandy shore of Marina is the largest crowd puller. People get attracted by its sandy beach as they enjoy their morning and evening walk. Usually the people enjoy their morning and evening walk with crispy sundal and murukku which are available at food stalls on the beach. They also enjoy the pleasant and soothing atmosphere there. Marina is a dream destination for almost all tourists of the world. Even Marina is having world fame also.

Elliot: This beach also lies on the eastern coast of Tamil Nadu and it is located near Besant Nagar. Usually this beach is the favorite destination for the youth of Chennai. Here at this beach, especially the youth gather in the evening and enjoys till night so it is also known as night beach. Here at this beach you can also enjoy bathing. Usually people opt this beach for the purpose of bathing in Chennai.

Covelong: It is a very famous beach. Now this has turned into a beautiful resort which is owned by the Taj Groups of Hotels. This beach is also named as Fisherman’s Cove Resort. This is located on the way to Mahabalipuram. From Chennai to Mahabalipuram, this is separated from the mainland by a canal running. It is an attractive beach and the tourists just want to visit this beach.