Espanola Suites Lets South Beach Travelers

As a longtime Miami Beach resident I have frequent visitors and guests and someone is always asking me for a recommendation on where to eat, shop, and of course where to stay. More »

Andaman and Nicobar Beaches Travel

Andaman and Nicobar islands are a group of 572 islands which are located on the Bay of Bengal. There are some of the most lovely and unexplored virgin beaches which are famous More »

The Essential Beach Travel

Travel is said to be one of those things which helps you to grow as a person. It enhances your perception of things and helps you see the wonder and beauty of More »

Goa Beaches Travel Information

Beaches of Goa are the most popular holiday destination in the world. Here, millions of tourists arrive every year. This place is famous for its relaxed life style, Goan cuisine, night life, More »

Chennai Beaches Travel Information

The charming beaches in Chennai are the best place for the tourists to relax from the hot and humid weather. It is the fourth largest metropolis of India. Chennai beaches are famous More »

Goa Beaches Travel Information

Beaches of Goa are the most popular holiday destination in the world. Here, millions of tourists arrive every year. This place is famous for its relaxed life style, Goan cuisine, night life, feasts and festivals and apart from these attractions, the beaches of Goa. It attracts travelers from all corners of the globe. The major charm in Goa for a holiday maker’s paradise lies in its sun kissed beaches. In Goa the beaches are an amalgamation of serene beauty, excellent Goan cuisines, flea markets and swaying palm trees. The beaches cover an area of 83 km in Goa. The major cause for the tourism in Goa is its beautiful natural locations.

In Goa, its innumerable beaches offer something to everyone from seafood shacks, to luxury resorts to beach huts, trance parties to tranquility. Beaches of North Goa suits perfectly to the people who want to be amidst all the din and happenings of the state and the beaches of South Goa are the perfect destination for the visitors who wants to relax in complete solitude.

For honeymoon couples, the beaches in South Goa are an ideal destination as

Australian Beach Travel

Our country is famous for its beaches, some of the most beautiful in the world, remote, pristine and bathed in sunshine!

But there are pros and cons to a lazy day on the coast of Australia and there are many things you’ll need to be aware of as a first timer or visitor. Below we’ve put together a list of the biggest and most important rules to follow, ensuring your Australian beach outing is one to remember, for good reasons, and not bad ones.

* You WILL need sunscreen. As great as it looks to have a dark tan these days, 1400 people die each year from sun cancers in Australia and 8,800 are diagnosed with melanomas. A layer of 30+ sunscreen is both smart and necessary, not to mention an easy way to stay sun cancer free. Take a look around, all of the locals are slathering some on, you should too.

* Don’t forget a hat and a shirt to put on, for when the sun is out in force and your shoulders need a break. The

Plan Your Beach Travel

When choosing a beach trip, there are as many great beach vacations packages as you could imagine, including hotel accommodation, breakfast, beach holiday recreational activities like bicycling. Beach trips are fun. But the key is to choose an ideal, great beach destination. Whether you are traveling with a travel agent or planning by yourself, you will find our tips worth reading.

Tip #1:

Look for the destination that has the best sun, sand and surf. Sun, sand and surf are the major attractions that a beach destination offers. When choosing a beach destination, do a little research about the weather, the environment and the local culture. The best place provides warm, white sands for you to lie on, and lapis crystal-clear blue waters to fresh your mind. Sometime, miles of gorgeous surf are good additions to surfers.

Tips #2:

Most resorts offer a choice or restaurants with good service ranging from spa to parties. If you are not interested to stay within the hotel, you can have a night walk in the local town for a sampling of local cuisine. More than that, you can locate

Espanola Suites Lets South Beach Travelers

As a longtime Miami Beach resident I have frequent visitors and guests and someone is always asking me for a recommendation on where to eat, shop, and of course where to stay. If you are a tourist traveling to South Beach for vacation or a local seeking a relaxing ‘staycation’ you have many options for accommodations. Miami has something for every budget and every lifestyle ranging from luxury high-rise hotel/residences to large all-inclusive resorts to quaint Art Deco style boutique hotels. Each one targeting and serving a unique audience with a specific set of requirements that will make their time away from home complete. One of my favorite places to send out-of-towners who will be in South Beach for more than a few days is Espanola Way Suites. This to me is one of the best ‘live like a local’ experiences South Beach has to offer.

Espanola Way Suites is located off the ‘strip’ in a lively, but intimate Spanish Mediterranean style village on Espanola Way and Washington Ave. From your balcony you can look down on the unique retail shops, restaurants and intimate cafes. It has been popular with the “bohemian” culture for many years because

Andaman and Nicobar Beaches Travel

Andaman and Nicobar islands are a group of 572 islands which are located on the Bay of Bengal. There are some of the most lovely and unexplored virgin beaches which are famous all over the world, especially for their natural magnetism and natural beauty. These beaches are also famous for vast stretches of silvery white sand generously sprinkled with lots of greenery and dense woods. These places are also very popular for their tribal, local and aboriginal people who are of special interest to the anthropologists and the beaches are also an ornithologist’s paradise. Andaman and Nicobar islands in India are home to 242 recorded species of birds along with 58 species of mammals and 83 species of reptiles.

The best time to visit Andaman and Nicobar beaches is from the month of October to May. There are beach resorts, hotels and cottages for accommodation.

Andaman Nicobar Beaches are well connected with the main cities like Delhi, Chennai, Bhubaneswar and Kolkotta through air transport. There are water transports also like ships from Kolkotta, Chennai and Vishakhapatnam to Port Blair.

Andaman and Nicobar is the most unique Island state of India. Some of its important beaches

The Essential Beach Travel

Travel is said to be one of those things which helps you to grow as a person. It enhances your perception of things and helps you see the wonder and beauty of the world that you live in. It also helps to broaden your cultural perspective and see how different parts of the world or even your own country live and exist with the environment in which they live. On a lighter note however, travel also relaxes the mind and can help you jump back after months and years of tiring work.

Among the many places that people love to travel to is the beach. A trip to the beach can give you valuable time to relax and unwind while at the same time help expose you to an environment that can be different from the fast paced hub of the city.

The first rule of a worry-free trip is making sure that you have good accommodations. It is especially helpful to book your room months in advance and if possible put a down payment on the room so that you don’t have to worry about your reservations going to someone else. Unfortunately, although a lot

Chennai Beaches Travel Information

The charming beaches in Chennai are the best place for the tourists to relax from the hot and humid weather. It is the fourth largest metropolis of India. Chennai beaches are famous in the world for their natural outlook. All the beaches in Chennai are bounded by groves, which looks beautiful.

Beaches in Chennai are having their own importance. They share their boundary with Bay of Bengal. Tourists ranging from the local public to the national and international tourists are interested in visiting Chennai. If you want to see the spirit of fisherman, then it is better to visit the beaches of Chennai early in the morning when they go out for fishing. People really enjoy and relax by visiting these beaches of Chennai.

Though there are many beaches in Chennai but three of them are the prominent beaches.

Marina: It is the world’s second largest beach. This lies on the eastern coast of Tamil Nadu. The sandy shore of Marina is the largest crowd puller. People get attracted by its sandy beach as they enjoy their morning and evening walk. Usually the people enjoy their morning and evening walk with crispy sundal and murukku

Daman Beaches Travel Information

Daman Diu is a small and important union territory which is attached to the vibrant state of Gujarat, this small city is famous for its beauty and beaches. Due to the popularity of Goan, the other beaches are little bit less popular than Goan.

The features of Daman beaches are its smooth sands, tranquil waters and it is also flanked by swaying coconut palms. Daman can serve an ideal gateway, if any person is interested in enjoying a perfect beach vacation. There is no match for the Daman whether any person wishes to soak up the sun or simply laze around in the beach. It is considered to be an idyllic spot for the beach comber and sun bathers. These beaches enable you to enjoy an ideal beach vacation.

The beaches in Daman also attract tourists for a variety of sport activities. There is a perfect place to engage tourist in a variety of water sport activities. Among all the sport activities, swimming is the most popular. The best suited beach for swimming is the Jampore as the fact is that the beach has a low risk factor. This is an ideal spot for picnic due

Kochi Beach Travel Information

Kochi Beach is located in Kerala, South India. This beach is popularly known as the Fort Kochi beach. It is the finest beach of Kerala. In South India, it is one of the most popularly visited beach tour destination. This is a peaceful beach holiday spot. This popular beach is located at a distance of 12 kms from the main city in Kerala.

For those tourists who are interested in a quiet and relaxing experience of the holiday, for those tourists this place is an ideal. This beach offers the tourist a calm and tranquil atmosphere. Initially Kochi was a simple fishing village, but after the establishment of the beach, it became a popular beach resort of Kerala, South India.

This Kochi Beach in Kerala, South India celebrates the grand Cochin beach festival which takes place annually during New Years Eve. This festival attracts tourists from all over India. This beach offers a disturbance free atmosphere to the tourists and a perfect sandy stretches for a long walk. There is a strong influence of the European on the culture and traditions of the local people and this is observed by the tourists automatically.

Kochi has

Mangalore Beaches Travel Information

Mangalore is a beautiful beach of Karnataka. It is a very clean beach and there is a beautiful light house on this beach. Especially for picnic this beach is an ideal picnic spot. There lies the confluence of the river Gurupara and Netravathi Rivers near the beach of Mangalore. Tourists enjoy the Mangalore beach a lot due to its silvery sands and the soothing swift winds from the Arabian Sea. This beach provides the tourists an unparallel enjoyable environment. From this beach one can enjoy the view of sunset. This is a beautiful sight to behold.

In the Mangalore beach there are more attractions for the tourists besides this pristine sands and water. There is a worth seeing sight of Yakshagana performance on the sands. This event is a nightlong program. In this event the people dance to the beat of drums.

There is also a unique event, which is known as Kambala or buffalo event. Some local attractions include a Manjunatha Temple, St Aloysius Chapel, Jumma Masjid and Mangala Devi temple.

There are innumerable tourist destinations very near to the beach of Mangalore. You can enjoy the scenic beauty by a day ride to

Kovalam Beaches Travel Information

There is a small village on the Malabar Coast along the Kerala shore line which is known as Kovalam. As soon as these fabulous beaches were discovered, this sleepy town came into the map of tourist. This beach is located at sixteen kilometers south of Thiruvananthapuram. This beach is located at an hour drive from Thiruvananthapuram. This beach is famous as south Indian Beach due to its natural beauty and fine sand washed beach, which makes sun bath on these silver sands possible.

Now, Kovalam is one of the famous beaches of India. Kovalam means a grove of coconut trees and truly the coconut trees along the beaches gives this beach a ravishing look.

This beach is a paradise for the tourists as it is associated with the boundless blue waters of the Arabian sea. Tourists can enjoy the miles of white sand which is washed away by the surf touching the feet of the stalwart palms and also the rocky promontories. This marvelous beach is the dream for the tourists.

It is a sheltered natural bay associated with cool soothing palms and gentle waves. When you are tired of aquatics, swimming or sunbathing you

Myrtle Beach Travel

Located on South Carolina’s Atlantic coast, Myrtle Beach is well-loved as a laid back vacation destination for surf and sun lovers. With amusement parks, bargain shopping, fun family activities, top notch golf courses and plenty of beach fun, it’s no wonder that each year millions of vacationers choose Myrtle Beach.

Family Activities

Families visiting the area will find plenty of fun activities to fill their time. See the weird and wacky at the Myrtle Beach branch of the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum. At Magiquest, families can get a magic wand and use it to open treasure chests, talk to trees and more. Go on a quest to find different symbols and objects, and receive virtual runes in return. When you’ve collected enough runes you can help a princess, battle a dragon and more. For a memorable dinner, head to Medieval Times where you’ll dine with your hands – they didn’t use utensils back then – while watching a slow of knights on horseback sword fighting, jousting and more.


Golf lovers will have their choice of more than 100 courses in the Myrtle Beach area, including top-notch courses designed by none other

Daytona Beach Travel

Daytona Beach lies in Volusia County of Florida. It has been a place loved by vacationers for over a century. It is the only beach in the world that allows motorized vehicles.

The first hotel in the area was built by Matthias Day in 1874 and he named it Palmetto House. Many other entrepreneurs contributed to the development of the area. Some of them include entrepreneurs like Commodore Charles Burgoyne who built first community center, and John D. Rockefeller who revealed golf courses of Ormond Beach.

Persons of all age groups can enjoy the different activities of the Daytona Beach area. The beaches and motor sporting activities of the Daytona Beach are most famous. There are other activities such as cultural events, nightlife, sporting events and shopping in the area, thus making it a perfect holiday spot for the whole family.

This Place is open all year and access is free for pedestrians. A relaxing day can be spending at the beach and 23 mile sandy area is open 24 hours a day. On this beach, cars can be taken but only on designated areas and these are allowed from sunrise to sunset keeping in

Clearwater Beach Travel

On the west coast of Florida are the Clearwater and its Island beaches. These are the most popular holiday destinations of the state and are in Pinellas County. The climate is perfect for holidaymakers and the Clearwater is considerably calm, quiet and inexpensive as compared to other famous locations.

Clearwater offers something for everyone ranging from water recreation to nature based to different land activities. It is also more popular due to the special events held in the area. Clearwater has a rich heritage of culture and history that attract history lovers from all over the place.

The basic amenities like fishing piers, picnic areas, playgrounds, showers, restrooms, boat ramp and boat houses are all available in the Clearwater Beach. This beach is easily accessible by the wheel chair.

Clearwater beach is rated as one of the best city beach. The white sand and sparkling waters of this beach beckon all the beach lovers to come and enjoy a wonderful day. You can do activities like go for swimming, play volleyball, or go fishing.

The sailfish, black fin tuna, dolphins and other water animals are found in the waters of the Clearwater Beach. At

Cocoa Beach Travel Guide

It is known as the typical beach town offering endless means to relax and enjoy. Cocoa Beach is situated on a barrier island in Central East Coast of Florida and it is six miles long and one mile wide. The weather of the Cocoa beach is mild and it is one of the features that attract tourists from all over to this place.

Be it a family beach holiday, a weekend getaway, a business trip or leisure travel that is being planned, Cocoa beach is perfect place for every type of holiday. It is one of the most affordable holiday places in Florida. There are many exciting things that can be seen and done in the Cocoa Beach, it’s like the excitement never ends here.

Whole of six mile of ocean beach can be accessed from one end to another of the city easily. A perfect day can be enjoyed at the beach. Just lie and relax and get a tan or build sand castles with children. A volleyball game can be enjoyed at the beach or look out done for the seashells that come to the shore.

Cocoa Beach is famous for its great

Delray Beach Travel

Delray Beach is situated at Palm Beach County of Florida and it lies on the Atlantic Ocean. It is known as one of the best resort towns worldwide. With sandy coastline of over two miles, around one million people visit the Delray Municipal Beach and Atlantic Dunes Park, south end of the Delray Beach.

The cleanliness and well-management of the Delray Beach has led to it being voted as a Blue Wave Beach by the Clean Beaches Council. The basic amenities are all available here and beach’s easy accessibility for people of all ages and groups makes it one of the best beaches on the United States east coast.

It is voted as the number 1 beach of the Palm Beach County by the South Florida Parenting Magazine and the Delray Municipal Beach is rated as the best swimming beach of Southeast by Travel Holiday Magazine.

Most preferred by people who are looking to relax and enjoy their beach holiday, one can just sit and enjoy the stunning sunrise or play beach volleyball with friends and family. You can also surf or go sailing on the beach.

The Delray Wreck is a state historical

Airlie Beach Travel

If you are going to be traveling to Australia, you are going to probably want to go and see the Great Barrier Reef. If this is true, then you want to go to Airlie Beach. This small town in the Whitsunday region of Queensland, Australia, is one of the closest ports for tourists to reach the Great Barrier Reef. But it is also much more than that. Here are a couple Airlie Beach travel tips.

You can travel at any time of year. One of the great things about Airlie beach is that it has many small, wonderful lagoons. These man made lakes were put in place because the beaches on the coast are inhabited with jellyfish periodically. These man made lagoons, however, are equally beautiful, and allow for people to go swimming and enjoy the tropical life all year round.

This is also good for anyone who is looking to save a couple of pennies. We all know that traveling during the off season can save you money. But at Airlie Beach, there isn’t really an off season for activity, just for prices. If you book your ticket in October, when the jellyfish make the

Beach Travel Top Secrets

Beach travel top secrets and tips. Find the best way to plan your next beach travel vacation, here are some tips to find hotel, resorts, flights and more top beach travel secrets.

oIdentify the perfect travel destination for you; Usually beach destinations are quite different from each other, you have to do some research about the beach destination that you peak, get plenty of information about prices, restaurants, lodging, facilities, nightlife, currency or even hospitals and your Country’s consulate nearest location, try to get the more information you can. These days everywhere in the internet you can find tons of free information, so do some research.

oIs your trip a Family vacation? You are going with the guys for spring break? Are you a Surfer guy? Once you have selected your beach destination based on your preferences you have to look for the best deals in flights, lodging, car rental etc. Depending of the destination and the season you can find great deals in the web, there are plenty of sites like expedia, orbitz and travelocity where you can find the best prices for your trip.

oWhen is time to choose the hotel, price of

Beach Travel in Thailand

Thailand is the amazing place to visit. It is one of the most famous Asian tourist spots and people from all over the world come here every year to see this amazing place. The tourism plays a vital role in the growth of economy of the Thailand. When you will come here, what you love most about is that Beach travel in Thailand. There are many beaches here in Thailand and people come here every year to spend their vacations and holiday especially in December, Beach travel in Thailand becomes very popular in Europe, America and United Kingdom. If you love beaches and its climate, Beach travel in Thailand while your visit is the best thing you can enjoy. These beaches are elegant and beautiful and the prices of restaurants, bars and hotels near these beaches are very affordable.

The most famous beach in Thailand lies in Phuket known as Patong beach. Phuket itself is the largest island in Thailand and its surrounding in different poles, there are number of beaches and Patong beach is one of them. The and on sea enhances the beauty of the land. The Thai beaches are full of fun, excitement and

Beach Travel Agents

Sometimes as convenient as it is to book a vacation online, it just doesn’t measure up to using a travel agent for your vacation. Travel agents have all the inside knowledge for your destination. They can often tell you the best hotels to stay at, the best restaurants to dine at, and even the best time of year to visit the destination of your choice.

Years ago, before the internet came along, the travel agent was the smart way to plan a vacation. They used to send their agents on vacation, in order to evaluate the hotels and destinations. That way they could tell you firsthand what you needed to know. But now since the internet came along, the travel agents can no longer afford to send their agents on these vacations. Many a travel agent misses the good old days, when their agency sent them out to discover the best beaches travel agents recommended.

You should still visit your local travel agent for detailed information concerning your upcoming vacation. They will find the best vacation to meet your needs, and offer you a competitive price. You can then go online and find out if this